Nine Months into it

In April of 2011, my son and his wife had their first child. I’d decided awhile ago that I could find a raison d’etre other than grandmotherhood to keep me going through my dotage, since I seemed to have no other options. As my daughter had put it, “Mom, forget grandkids. You have a lesbian, a virgin, a widow and a guy who can’t make a commitment.” (She was referring to her stepsisters, herself and her brother.) So, I worked at making my peace with that, which took awhile, but given the state of the planet and humankind, I eventually decided that our gene pool was not especially extraordinary and it was okay. sigh.

But then Coco came along and although it’s been said many times, many ways, her arrival change my life. And is still changing it, in ways I never knew possible. So, if you have these ruminations, let me know.